The Story Begins

We’ve been hinting at it for weeks now, it’s been in the making for months, we’ve recently performed “incognito”, and now the cat is officially out of the bag. Some of you who follow along closely may have already put 2 & 2 together and figured it out, but for those that haven’t…WE ARE City Love Story.

A new album, a new direction, a new inspiration, a new sound…the same five band members that you’ve come to know, in Rising Regina, are excited beyond words to announce that we are moving forward, as the alternative folk-rock band known as City Love Story. As a lot of you probably just saw this morning, we officially broke the news this morning on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live television show.

What does it mean for Rising Regina? Don’t fear, as we ARE keeping Rising Regina around, and will continue to perform as such for events where that name has become more synonymous, such as Renn Faire & celtic festivals. We have met so many wonderful fans & dear friends over the years, and can’t thank you all enough for the support & love that you’ve blessed us with. In the spirit of that amazing support & love, we hope that you’ll join us in this exciting next chapter, as we journey into the unknown, with eyes forward, instruments at the ready, & a new song in our hearts.

A new album, a new direction, a new inspiration, a new sound…we’ve never been this excited as to what the future holds, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Join us, as we begin a new song. A new story. A City Love Story.

We Are City Love Story