Jessie Young

Born into a musical home in 1984, Jessie spent many of her childhood years traveling, along with her sister Kiki, in a Christian music ministry, lead by parents Jim and Kathy Young. When her father decided to leave traveling behind and take up as a Pastor in the United Methodist Church, Jessie continued to develop her own musical passions by singing and playing guitar in her youth praise team. In her late teens and early 20’s, music took a back burner when Jessie found love, married, and had two daughters. After several years of struggle and hardship, her marriage came to an end, and the music that was once so important to her life came back in a most unexpected way. She started writing music inspired by her own personal life struggles and triumphs, and her passion and love for music blossomed even further. Jessie was living in Kittanning Pa for a short period of time when her sister Kiki moved in as her roommate. The two of them together spent many nights sitting with a guitar on their front porch and putting to song all their thoughts and stories. After being encouraged by friends and family, the girls shared their music with a small coffee shop crowd and it was the beginning of a whole new love affair. A love affair with performance, and the greatest love affair she’s ever known. Shortly after their first show, the girls decided to add a lead guitarist, and maybe a third part harmony if they were lucky enough to find someone. They also decided that they needed a name for their group… They went with Rising Regina.

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