Rich Kulbacki

Rich started singing and playing music at and early age. By age 7 he had started percussion in the elementary school band which eventually led to drum kit, marching bands, his high school rock band, Outlash, and many performance ensembles both vocal and instrumental. During that time he also found a love for theatre and had leading roles in several community productions including “Little Shop of Horrors”, Fiddler on the Roof”, and “Once Upon a Mattress”. He also dabbled in some acoustic guitar but never focused on it.

After high school he taught drum line at several different schools in Western PA while attending IUP for music. While at college, Rich was involved in a serious accident where he was struck by a car while a pedestrian. Suffering serious back injuries, he had to take a year off from school and while bed ridden started to learn how to play guitar at a higher level and decided to give it a shot in a few bands.¬† Along the way he played in several different groups including¬† Timmy’s Last Try, Kaj, and The Exit Lights but none of them felt quite right until Rich joined Rising Regina in October of 2007. Shortly after joining the band he sold his Gibson Flying V to buy his first mandolin and quickly learned to love the genre Rising Regina fell into. He has since added mandolin and button box to his list of playable instruments and hopes to continue learning new styles and instruments along the way.

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